Promise Ring Finger

Promise Ring Finger : On which finger do you wear a promise ring?
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Promise Ring Finger

Promise rings can be worn on any finger, but those symbolizing pre-engagement or chastity are generally worn on the left ring finger. 

There are two schools of thought regarding the origin of the 3rd finger being designated the "ring finger."  For those logical souls, this finger is the most practical one for wearing a ring.  Protected by fingers on either side, and not as active as the first two fingers and thumb, it is a safe haven for jewelry.  A more romantic notion is the ancient belief in a "vena amori," or vein of love, running from the 3rd left finger to the heart.

Promise Ring Wearing Recommendations

  • Pre-engagement Promise Rings : left or right ring finger. Traditionally, such a ring would be worn on the left hand. However, some wearers feel that there is less likelihood of confusing the ring with an engagement ring if it is worn on the right hand and therefore, left-hand wearing is gaining acceptance.
  • Promise of Monogamy : left or right ring finger. Also traditionally worn on the left hand, but concerns over confusion with an engagement ring have made it acceptable to wear on the right hand. The left hand is still preferred, however.
  • Promise of Sexual Abstinence : left ring finger. The intent is to someday replace this promise ring with a wedding ring and the ring should be worn on the same finger as would the wedding band.
  • Promise of Substance Abstinence : any finger, though left ring finger is preferred.
  • Promise Between Friends (non-romantic): any finger (including thumbs). In the case of rings exchanged between platonic friends, it is generally best to avoid the left ring finger so that there is no confusion of romantic intentions.

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