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Learn the meaning of the promise ring, its history, traditions, current practices (including men's promise rings), where to buy and more.
promise rings


A promise should never be made that can't be kept.  For those very special promises, there is no better reminder of this pledge than a promise ring - an unending circle, a visible symbol of faith.  

While there are no hard and fast rules regarding the giving of promise rings, some general guidelines may make things easier. 

  • Promise Ring Meaning: The promise ring is given for virtually any type of promise made between two people. Popular modern day reasons to give promise rings and friendship rings are discussed here.

  • History of the Promise Ring: While the concept of promise rings may seem like something new and original, mythology and sacred writings tell us otherwise.

  • Which finger do you wear a promise ring on?: On which finger is the promise ring traditionally worn? The answer varies with the type of promise.

  • Men's Promise Rings: Generally speaking, men are not given promise rings. Discover the exceptions here.

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